E. S. Zalmanzon

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The induction of mutations to the 6-mercaptopurine resistance has been studied in Chinese hamster cells after transfection with highly oncogenic bovine adenovirus type 3 DNA (BAV-3). A statistically significant increase in the yield of resistant mutants is induced by viral DNA after two days expression time. The value of induction varies from 56,12 X 10(-5)(More)
Cloned cultures of rat embryo cells transformed by BA-3 DNA and those transformed by the virus in hamsters were obtained. It was found that these cultures contain T-antigen and do not differ in oncogenicity for hosts. The adenovirus type 5 DNA transformed cells of the same primary culture of rat embryo fibroblasts produced no tumors in syngeneic newborn(More)
The effect of UV-irradiation on host and virus-specific RNA synthesis in cells infected or transformed by tumor viruses (Ad 5 and SV 40) was studied. It was found that the synthesis of host and Ad 5 RNA in infected KB cells was almost euqally inhibited upon UV-irradiation; the transcription of the EcoRI produced fragements--fragment B was inhibited to a(More)
Analysis of data on transforming and oncogenic properties of adenovirus genome has shown that oncogenic properties of the cells transformed by adenoviruses are not determined by the length (to a definite extent) and by the number of copies of integrating parts of the viral DNA molecules. There are numerous sites of virus genome integration into the genome(More)
The comparative study of the dynamics of the main antigen (hexon) and viral DNA of the bovine adenovirus type 3 accumulation in the established cell line MDBK under the conditions of single- or multistep cycle of infection has been undertaken. The quantitative immunoelectrophoresis and immunoenzyme assay detected the viral antigens on the late stages of(More)