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The effect of UV-irradiation on host and virus-specific RNA synthesis in cells infected or transformed by tumor viruses (Ad 5 and SV 40) was studied. It was found that the synthesis of host and Ad 5 RNA in infected KB cells was almost equally inhibited upon UV-irradiation; the transcription of the EcoRI produced fragments-fragment B was inhibited to a(More)
Cloned cultures of rat embryo cells transformed by BA-3 DNA and those transformed by the virus in hamsters were obtained. It was found that these cultures contain T-antigen and do not differ in oncogenicity for hosts. The adenovirus type 5 DNA transformed cells of the same primary culture of rat embryo fibroblasts produced no tumors in syngeneic newborn(More)
The induction of mutations to the 6-mercaptopurine resistance has been studied in Chinese hamster cells after transfection with highly oncogenic bovine adenovirus type 3 DNA (BAV-3). A statistically significant increase in the yield of resistant mutants is induced by viral DNA after two days expression time. The value of induction varies from 56,12 X 10(-5)(More)