E. S. Yakovleva

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BACKGROUND This retrospective study was carried out to evaluate the prognostic significance of clinical factors in patients treated for metastatic gastric cancer with second-line chemotherapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS We evaluated the prognostic significance of various clinical factors in 126 patients, who were treated with second-line chemotherapy. RESULTS(More)
A N-particle quantum channel is considered for tele-portation and dense coding schemes and the protocols have been obtained, if N ≥ 3. For dense coding the enhancement of the classical capacity of the quantum channel has found to be N/N − 1. It turns out, that if N ≥ 3, there is no the one-to-one correspondence between teleportation and dense coding. Along(More)
The VHL gene is often inactivated in sporadic clear cell renal cancer (CCRC) due to somatic mutations, and its germline mutations cause hereditary CCRC: von Hippel-Lindau syndrome. Localization of mutations in VHL, identification of new mutations, and their influence on CCRC progression and sensitivity to targeted therapy are topical problems in modern(More)
BACKGROUND Colonic neoplasms are quite a serious problem today. Screening methods play an important role in diagnosing the disease. Colorectal cancer screening is a complex undertaking, having various options, which require a lot of efforts both from the doctor and from the patient, including the use of sedatives and the necessity of the presence of an(More)
The Color to Gray and Back transformation watermarking with a secrete key is considered. Color is embedded into the bit planes of the luminosity component of the YUV color space with the help of a block algorithm that allows using not only the least significant bits. An application of the problem of distributing color digital images from a data base among(More)
Conformational changes induced by ligands and pH in lupine ferrileghemoglobin selectively modified at Tyr-E16 by the imidazolide spin label has been studied by the method of electron spin resonance in the pH range 6-13. It is shown that in the alkaline pH region the bound spin label registers a local conformational transition which precedes the alkaline(More)
The genes coding for 5S RNA in barley were cloned, sequenced, and their cluster was assigned to chromosome 2 using wheat-barley chromosome addition lines. High-resolution gel-electrophoresis of DNA and subsequent hybridization revealed new details of the organization of 5S DNA both in wheat and barley. The in situ hybridization of the cloned 5S gene with(More)
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