E. S. Sugonyaev

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The species diversity and number of zoophagous arthropods as estimated by Margalef’s d index (1958) are the main biological sources of agroecosystem stability. This fact forms the basis of the ecological pest and its enemy management (EPEM) program, which has demonstrated high technical and ecological efficiency, the former referring to the main task of(More)
A new species, Ericydnus novosibiricus sp. n., is described. The main characters differentiating the new species from the similar E. longicornis Dalman are as follows: female—fore wing noticeably shortened, with almost normally developed veins and rounded apex, marginal vein longer than postmarginal vein, 6th flagellar segment slightly longer than wide,(More)
Coccophagus brachypterus sp. n. is described from Malaysia. The new species differs from the closely related C. silvestrii Compere in the black hind femur and blackish largest part of hind tibia. The new species is also characterized by shortened fore wings with the apices not reaching the abdominal apex.
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