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Reforms in the electricity sector along with various renewable-energy-promotion policies have increased the importance of small grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) systems utilizing single-stage single-phase inverters. Ruggedness, reliability, and cost effectiveness are the desirable characteristics of such inverters used in distributed low-power applications.(More)
—Grid-connected unity-power-factor converters based on one-cycle control (OCC) do not require the service of phase-locked loop or any other synchronization circuits for interfacing with the utility. As a result, these schemes are becoming increasingly popular. However, as the power handled by the converter increases, the power factor deteriorates. To(More)
—The widespread usage of load compensators for carrying out harmonic and reactive power compensation is constrained by cost and poor efficiency due to switching losses. Hence, it is customary to employ active harmonic filters for harmonic compensation only, while traditional methods comprising of thyristor-switched capacitors are used to carry out reactive(More)
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