E. S. Sazonov

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 The paper presents a hybrid system controller, incorporating a neural and an LQG controller. The neural controller has been optimized by genetic algorithms directly on the inverted pendulum system. The failure-free optimization process stipulated a relatively small region of the asymptotic stability of the neural controller, which is concentrated around(More)
 The paper presents a method for failure-free genetic algorithm optimization of a system controller. Genetic algorithms present a powerful tool that facilitates producing near-optimal system controllers. Applied to such methods of computational intelligence as neural networks or fuzzy logic, these methods are capable of combining the non-linear mapping(More)
An effective technique for extracting an audio input from a composite signal that contains a nonstationary noise-corrupted periodic disturbance is presented. The proposed technique cancels the periodic disturbance using a synthesized signal whose parameters are adjusted adaptively. A combination of a generalized phase-locked loop (PLL) and an adaptive least(More)
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