E. S. Rotter

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A survey was conducted over a 3 month period in 1983 to examine the influence of clinical factors on the incidence of dry socket (DS) after extractions of permanent teeth under local analgesia. The findings were compared with those of a similar 3 month survey in the same hospital in 1971. Age, sex and extraction site each significantly influenced the(More)
Plaque-like lesions of the oral mucosa have been observed in seven immunosuppressed renal transplant patients. Whilst bearing a superficial resemblance to acute pseudomembranous candidiasis (thrush), these lesions have been shown to be associated with bacterial overgrowth and not with fungi. Treatment has depended on the use of appropriate antibiotics and(More)
Cyclosporine-A (Cy-A) selectively inhibits T cell function with minimal effect on humoral immunity. It is used specially in transplantation patients and in some cases, like other drugs, it causes gingival hyperplasia. In this article, after a review of the most recent pathogenetic hypothesis, the authors present their experience based on 10 cases of(More)
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