E S Lichtenstein

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The potential contribution of the Internet to smoking cessation seems huge, given that a majority of Americans now have both computers and telephones. Despite the proliferation of Web sites offering smoking cessation support, there is little empirical evidence regarding the efficacy of Internet-delivered cessation programs. We developed a cessation Web site(More)
This study determined whether higher dose nicotine patches are more efficacious than lower dose patches among heavy smokers. A randomized double-blind study compared 0, 21, 35, and 42 mg/day of a 24-h patch in 1039 smokers (> or = 30 cigarettes/day) at 12 clinical sites in the USA and one in Australia. Daily patches were used for 6 weeks followed by(More)
BACKGROUND This study was undertaken to evaluate the long-term smoking cessation efficacy of varying doses of transdermal nicotine delivery systems 4 to 5 years post-quit day. METHODS A follow-up study was conducted 48 to 62 months after quit day among patients who were enrolled in the Transdermal Nicotine Study Group investigation. The latter study(More)
Diabetes insipidus (DI) and other features of hypothalamic dysfunction were observed in two patients resuscitated following cardio-respiratory arrest (CRA). Both patients also developed marked hyperglycemia probably related to hypertonic dehydration. The development of DI in survivors of CRA suggests severe hypothalamic hypoxic injury and poor prognosis.
The efficacy and safety of transferring 76 patients with poorly controlled type II diabetes mellitus from various self-mixed human insulin regimens to a premixed insulin regimen (Novolin 70/30, 70% NPH and 30% Regular insulin, semisynthetic) were evaluated in a 24-week, multicenter, open-label study. During the initial 12-week run-in period, the patients(More)
Over the years we have been working to develop, test, and implement tobacco control interventions as a part of routine care within Kaiser Permanente. Most of our work has been in Kaiser Permanente’s northwest division, based in Portland, Oregon, but we have also implemented similar approaches in several other divisions, including Ohio, Hawaii, and Georgia.(More)