E. S. Chan

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Genetic studies in Drosophila reveal that olfactory memory relies on a brain structure called the mushroom body. The mainstream view is that each of the three lobes of the mushroom body play specialized roles in short-term aversive olfactory memory, but a number of studies have made divergent conclusions based on their varying experimental findings. Like(More)
This paper presents a novel tandem human-machine cognition approach for human-in-the-loop control of complex business-critical and mission-critical systems and processes that are monitored by Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensor networks and where it is of utmost importance to mitigate and avoid cognitive overload situations for the human operators. The approach(More)
Decision making is important for many systems and is fundamental for situation awareness and information fusion. When a decision making process is confronted with new situations, goals and kinds of data, it must evolve and adapt. Highly optimized processes and efficient data structures generally have the disadvantage of having little flexibility or(More)
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