E Søndergaard

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OBJECTIVES To determine the ability of the ratio of peak E-wave velocity to flow propagation velocity (E/Vp) measured with color M-mode Doppler echocardiography to predict in-hospital heart failure and cardiac mortality in an unselected consecutive population with first myocardial infarction (MI). BACKGROUND Several experimental studies indicate color(More)
OBJECTIVES We sought to assess the prognostic value of left ventricular (LV) filling patterns, as determined by mitral E-wave deceleration time (DT) and color M-mode flow propagation velocity (Vp), on cardiac death and serial changes in LV volumes after a first myocardial infarction (MI). BACKGROUND Combined assessment of DT and Vp allows separation of(More)
OBJECTIVE Increased very-low-density lipoprotein triglycerides (VLDL-TG) concentration is a central feature of diabetic dyslipidemia. The objective was to compare basal and insulin mediated VLDL-TG kinetics, oxidation, and adipose tissue storage in type 2 diabetic and healthy (nondiabetic) men. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Eleven type 2 diabetic and 11(More)
Overweight is associated with abnormalities of lipid metabolism, many of which are reversed by exercise. We investigated the impact of experimental antilipolysis and acute exercise on lipid kinetics and oxidation from VLDL-TG, plasma FFA, and "residual lipids" in overweight men (n = 8) using VLDL-TG and palmitate tracers in combination with muscle biopsies(More)
To assess the association between color M-mode flow propagation velocity and the early diastolic mitral annular velocity (E(m)) obtained with tissue Doppler echocardiography and to assess the prognostic implications of the indexes, echocardiography was performed on days 1 and 5, and 1 and 3 months after a first myocardial infarction in 67 consecutive(More)
BACKGROUND High levels of ketone bodies are associated with improved survival as observed with regular exercise, caloric restriction, and-most recently-treatment with sodium-glucose linked transporter 2 inhibitor antidiabetic drugs. In heart failure, indices of ketone body metabolism are upregulated, which may improve energy efficiency and increase blood(More)
Post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder (PTLD) incidence is difficult to determine, mainly because both early and other lesions may go unrecognized and unregistered. Few studies have included systematic pathology review to maximize case identification and decide more accurately PTLD frequency after long-term post-transplantation follow-up. A(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess basal and insulin-mediated VLDL-triglyceride (TG) kinetics and the relationship between VLDL-TG secretion and hepatic insulin resistance assessed by endogenous glucose production (EGP) in obese and lean men. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS A total of 12 normoglycemic, obese (waist-to-hip ratio >0.9, BMI >30 kg/m(2)) and 12 lean (BMI 20-25(More)