E Rothemund

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An amnestic syndrome can be observed in several organic brain disorders. This paper tries to elucidate the anatomical substrate of this syndrome by investigation of the brain in 168 carefully examined cases. These included 55 cases of brain tumor, 8 of encephalitis, 55 of Wernicke encephalopathy, and 50 of Alzheimers disease or senile dementia. All these(More)
Angiomatous tumours causing visual disturbances are well known (Reese, 1963). The tumour may be isolated (mainly in the orbit and choroid), or it may be a manifestation of von Hippel's disease (in the retina and on the optic disc), Sturge-Weber's disease (in the choroid and intracranial), or Coats's disease (in the retina). Angiomatous tumours of the optic(More)