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Four decades after the U.S. Supreme Court first held that an artificially created bacterium had the potential to be patented in the United States,1 biotechnology patents continue to generate controversy, particularly human gene patents used in diagnostic testing. The persistence of the debate can be attributed to particular business models for genetic(More)
BACKGROUND TO THE DEBATE Pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers argue that the current patent system is crucial for stimulating research and development (R&D), leading to new products that improve medical care. The financial return on their investments that is afforded by patent protection, they claim, is an incentive toward innovation and(More)
Genomics, the comprehensive examination of an organism's entire set of genes and their interactions, will have a major impact on the way disease is diagnosed, prevented and treated in the new millennium. Despite the tremendous potential it holds for improving global health, genomics challenges policy-makers to ensure that its benefits are harnessed(More)