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OBJECTIVES Approximately 5.6 million South Africans are living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV; UNAIDS, 2010). Prevalence among Black adolescents and young adults is particularly alarming. This pilot study of an HIV preventive intervention targeting South African youth contributes to the growing body of research on culturally competent family-based(More)
In recent discussions regarding concerns about the academic achievement of US students, educational policy makers have suggested the implementation of certain teacher policies. To address the limited empirical research on the putative educational impact of such policies, this study used multilevel structural equation models to investigate the longitudinal(More)
1. Abstract We describe the role of CommandTalk during the 1997 Synthetic Theater of War (STOW-97) interoperability exercise. We present issues relating to the use of the speech recognition and synthesis components, and to the observed user error-feedback during this exercise. The purpose of CommandTalk for STOW-97 was to provide a spoken language interface(More)
We incorporated a simulated military radio into a spoken language interface to a distributed simulation environment for military commander training. The resulting architecture bypassed the inherent problem of acoustic mismatch that arises in integrating radio output with a speech recognition front end, while at the same time preserving the realism of speech(More)
Much of the research on child sexual abuse focuses on negative outcomes. This brief report explores a potentially protective parenting behavior among black South African female caregivers with and without a child sexual abuse history. Using cross-sectional baseline data, we hypothesized that caregiver child sexual abuse history would be positively(More)
Objectives Large-scale planning for health and human services programming is required to inform effective public policy as well as deliver services to meet community needs. The present study demonstrates the value of collecting data directly from deliverers of home visiting programs across a state. This study was conducted in response to the Patient(More)
Caregiver-youth communication about sex protects youth against HIV/AIDS, and caregivers who believe that sex knowledge is important are more likely to talk to their youth about sex. However, caregivers who experience barriers to communication about sex may not talk to their youth about sex even if the caregiver believes that sex education is important. The(More)
Using an experimental design, we investigated the impact of participation in trauma-related research on well-being in a sample of 219 higher education students. We created five conditions that exposed participants to questions about life events. A sixth condition represented a control condition. Exposure conditions varied according to whether they contained(More)
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