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This paper investigates one issue related to Large Eddy Simulation (LES) of self-excited combustion instabilities in gas-fueled swirled burners: the effects of incomplete mixing between fuel and air at the combustion chamber inlet. Perfect premixing of the gases entering the combustion chamber is rarely achieved in practical applications and this study(More)
A Large Eddy Simulation approach for Eulerian-Eulerian dispersed two-phase flow is presented. It is shown that not only a Sub-Grid Scales term modeling the unresolved field in the mesoscopic momentum transport equation of the dispersed phase, but also a stress term modeling the Random-Uncorrelated Motion is needed. Simulations of a non-homogeneous particle(More)
The changes of barrier properties and surface cytology of the palatal mucosa during a denture-wearing period of 12 months has been studied in 18 adult subjects. Transmucosal rates of water transport and that of a 1.10 osmol sucrose solution were registered gravimetrically before denture treatment, after 3 months and after 12 months of denture wearing(More)
An algebraic-closure-based moment method (ACBMM) is developed for unsteady Eulerian particle simulations, coupled with direct numerical simulations (DNSs) of fluid turbulent flows, in very dilute regime and up to large Stokes numbers StK (based on the Kolmogorov timescale) or moderate Stokes numbers St (based on the turbulent macroscale seen by the(More)
The barrier property of inflamed palatal mucosa to water has been studied in eight adult edentulous persons with a generalized denture stomatitis, by measuring the transmucosal water flow under varying osmotic gradients. Flow rates were registered gravimetrically in solute saturated filter paper discs after 10-min periods of mucosal contact, using solutions(More)
Cost accounting is performed in private and public laboratories. Guidelines for these activities are required and with this objective in mind, the Board of the Danish Society of Clinical Chemistry commissioned a working group to produce a position paper which is presented now in this report. The report discusses the objectives, the principles and the(More)
The build-up of soot deposits on cold wall surfaces is a problem of unknown significance for combustion applications. Soot deposits are due to thermophoretic transport and are generally ignored in theoretical and numerical analysis. We examine here the relationship between the rate of soot deposition and the wall convective heat flux, using both Direct(More)
and Résumeé en français Swirling flows, which are widely employed in gas turbines, are known to undergo bifurcation between different topologies (large reconfigurations of the flow field) affecting the engine performance and safety. This work focuses on the study of such bifurcations using Large-Eddy Simulation (LES). It shows that a small change in the(More)
The water permeability of the human palatal mucosa has been studied in 12 persons with 1 year of full maxillary denture experience and 10 persons without dentures. Transmucosal water transport rates were studied gravimetrically with the use of solutesaturated discs of filter paper in contact with the mucosa, in accordance with earlier described procedures(More)