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Sera from epileptic patients were assayed for phenobarbital and diphenylhydantoin by four different analytical procedures. Quantitative results obtained by radioimmunoassay (I) and enzyme immunoassay (II) were compared to each other and to the results obtained on aliquots of the same sample by gas-liquid chromatography (III) and ultraviolet(More)
A procedure was developed to analyze the inactivation of coliphage T3 during freeze-drying and subsequent rehydration. The amount of gross disruption of the phage as compared with the amount of phage remaining intact was evaluated by cesium chloride density gradient centrifugation. The amount of phage material able to adsorb to host cells and the residual(More)
Serum specimens from patients on primidone therapy were assayed by two currently available procedures: a commercially available enzyme immunoassay (EMIT) and a published gas-chromatographic procedure. Both procedures were done with commercially available materials and equipment. Results by the two procedures agreed well, which suggests that the two methods(More)
Peroxidase-labeled antibody conjugates were prepared by a two-step conjugation procedure using glutaraldehyde. Immunoadsorbent-purified antibody and the gamma-globulin fraction of sheep anti-human IgG antiserum were employed for these preparations, Procedures for the determination of the antibody and enzymatic activity, as well as the specificity of the(More)
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