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Chitinases are ubiquitous chitin-fragmenting hydrolases. Recently we discovered the first human chitinase, named chitotriosidase, that is specifically expressed by phagocytes. We here report the identification, purification, and subsequent cloning of a second mammalian chitinase. This enzyme is characterized by an acidic isoelectric point and therefore(More)
The prevailing view of the nuclear genetic code is that it is largely frozen and unambiguous. Flexibility in the nuclear genetic code has been demonstrated in ciliates that reassign standard stop codons to amino acids, resulting in seven variant genetic codes, including three previously undescribed ones reported here. Surprisingly, in two of these species,(More)
We present a matching and LP based heuristic algorithm that decides graph non-Hamiltonicity. Each of the n! Hamilton cycles in a complete directed graph on n + 1 vertices corresponds with each of the n! n-permutation matrices P , such that p u,i = 1 if and only if the i th arc in a cycle enters vertex u, starting and ending at vertex n + 1. A graph instance(More)
Precise studies were performed on the effect of temperature on the rate and equilibrium parameters characterizing the individual stages of the alpha-chymotrypsin-catalysed hydrolysis of non-specific p-nitrophenol esters at pH 7.40 and 8.50. At both pH values the results indicate that a sharp kinetic anomaly is observed in Arrhenius plots of these parameters(More)
A novel matching based heuristic algorithm designed to detect specially formulated infeasible {0, 1} IPs is presented. The algorithm's input is a set of nested doubly stochastic subsystems and a set E of instance defining variables set at zero level. The algorithm deduces additional variables at zero level until either a constraint is violated (the IP is(More)
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