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We present a case of parotid tuberculosis diagnosed through F.N.A.C. (fine needle aspiration cytology). Due to this rare extrapulmonary location of the tuberculosis, the AA. make a review of the last 12 years concerning literature together with a monographic study of the process.
We have studied a 67 years old woman suffering from a 40 years evolution Pleomorphic adenoma. The specimen weighed 250 g, and showed several areas displaying carcinoma. This report confirms the relationship between long-term evolution and malignant transformation.
Report of one case of Laryngocele in a 49 years old male, without previous anamnestic data, but urticaria and orchitis recurrens till the removal of the pyolaryngocele. The diagnosis was awkward because of its rare behaviour with torpid evolution and distant manifestations. The AA. think it was consistent with a septic focus.
We have carried out a survey on larynx cancer for the Cartagena region between the years 1972 and 1984 out of a population that varies from 210,944 to 250,233 inhabitants and a total number of 207 cases with histopathology control. The average incident valuation per every 100,000 inhabitants is 6.9 for the total population and 13.74 for males. An important(More)
We have carried out a research into the clinicopathological characteristics of the cancer of larynx between 1972 and 1984 in the area of Cartagena, with a populations that oscillated between 210,944 and 250,233 inhabitants, and over a number of 207 cases. We observe that the symptom to which the patients attach most importance and the reason why they most(More)
The purpose of this study was to confirm how the use of immunohistochemical techniques can help to differentiate between tumors with a mixed proliferative pattern (epithelial and mesenchymal). It is fundamental to differentiating tumors of these characteristics in order to determine the prognosis and plan treatment. We used different techniques on tissue(More)
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