E R McMeekan

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A brief survey, using a standardized questionnaire, has been made of hand preference patterns in a series of patients admitted to hospital with functional psychiatric disorders. A small but significant shift towards left hand preference has been observed, more marked in the young patients and virtually confined to the males. Psychotic patients show such a(More)
Patients recently recovered from schizophrenic or manid-depressive psychoses showed larger ear difference scores than normal controls on a dichotic listening test, i.e. when asked to identify dissimilar words fed synchronously to the two ears. The possible significance of the finding is discussed, in relation both to hemispheric organization and to other(More)
In so far as ear asymmetries on dichotic listening reflect cerebral dominance for language, the present evidence indicates a progressively decreasing incidence of left hemisphere dominance in right handed, mixed handed and left handed individuals. In the absence of a family history of sinistrality there are no indications that the degree of dominance is(More)
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