E R Iagolnitzer

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Frequency distribution and segregation analyses have been performed on a-b ridge counts from 422 families. The results support the hypothesis of two commingled distributions of the trait, high-value distributions being 5.4% in females and 2.4% in males of the whole population. Segregation analyses point out evidence for simultaneously a multi-factorial(More)
The average stature of 23,400 young adults was 172.33 cm in 1974; it is not the final size because they were 18 to 20 years old. Compared to previous data, we note that the rate of increase grows: it was of 0.3 cm every 10 years at the beginning of the century, of 1 cm in the middle of this century, actually it reaches 1.7 cm per ten years. Studying the(More)
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