E R Felzenberg

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We have previously shown that blocking GABAA receptors with bicuculline in the dorsal and lateral quadrants of the rostral two-thirds of the midbrain central gray (MCG) in rats reduces the lordosis quotient (LQ) and proceptive behaviors without increasing the defensive index (McCarthy, Pfaff, and Schwartz-Giblin, 1991b), indicating that tonic release of(More)
Perpetual cultures ofCaulobacter crescentus were maintained in a chemostat and provided with media that provided glucose, glutamate, ammonium chloride, and Na/K phosphate as sources, respectively, of C, of C and N, of N and of P. All cultures were maintained at the same relative flow rate, f/V, so that reproductive rate was constant. As the C∶N∶P ratio was(More)
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