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In Drosophila, the establishment of dorsoventral polarity of the developing embryo depends on the expression of at least 11 maternally acting genes. Mutant females that lack any of these gene activities produce normally shaped eggs that develop into dorsalized embryos. The female sterile K10 mutation differs from these mutants, because in addition to the(More)
Cholesterol and oxysterols are involved as key compounds in the development of severe neurodegenerative diseases and in neuroinflammation processes. Monitoring their concentration changes under pathological conditions is of interest to get insights into the role of lipids in diseases. For numerous years, liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry(More)
Excitation sculpting was first introduced as a way to efficiently suppress solvent signals. It requires a pulse sequence that acts as a null pulse at the solvent-resonance frequency and as an inversion pulse everywhere else. In this article, it is shown that such a goal can be achieved starting with "top-hat" inversion shaped pulses such as I-BURP-2 or(More)
Five labdane diterpenoids, (3-5), zambesiacolactone A (7) and zambesiacolactone B (8), were isolated from the seeds of Aframomum zambesiacum (Baker) K. Schum., along with five known labdanes and a linear sesquiterpene, nerolidol. Their structures were elucidated by spectroscopic analysis. Their antiplasmodial activity was evaluated in vitro against(More)
[structure: see text] A novel seco-dibenzopyrrocoline alkaloid, named oubatchensine 6, and five phenanthroindolizidines (1-5) were isolated from Cryptocarya oubatchensis, and their structures were elucidated. Displacement centrifugal partition chromatography was used to purify compounds 1 and 6. Structure determination of the latter was carried out by mass(More)
We previously demonstrated that the NC1[alpha3(IV)185-191] CNYYSNS peptide inhibited in vivo tumor progression. The YSNS motif formed a beta turn crucial for biological activity. The aim of the present study was to design a YSNSG cyclopeptide with a constrained beta turn on the YSNS residues more stable than CNYYSNS. By nuclear magnetic resonance and(More)