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The effects of tamoxifen on cortisol binding globulin (CBG) and sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) were studied in 25 women and one man with breast cancer. These patients were in various endocrine states according to age (15 post-menopausal women) or previous endocrine surgery (ovariectomy, two patients; ovariectomy plus adrenal surgery, five patients;(More)
We have conducted a phase II trial of cisplatinumdiamminodichloride (CPDD) which not only demonstrated its remarkable activity in embryonic carcinoma of the testes, but also in ovarian carcinoma, in melanoma, and in epidermoid carcinoma, especially of the head and of the uterus cervix. Its toxicity, manifested mainly in the digestive and renal tracts,(More)
In order to evaluate the efficacy of two different sequences of second and third line hormonotherapy in advanced post-menopausal breast cancer, 257 women aged 36–91 years (mean age: 63.6 years) who had become resistant to tamoxifen (TAM), entered into a multicenter randomized trial comparing two different regimens: 1) Aminoglutethimide (Ag) 500 mg/day with(More)
151 women were treated for potentially curable breast cancer. Their tumors were routinely analysed for estrogen receptors by the dextran-coated charcoal technic. Data were analyzed in relation to several parameters: age, age of menstruation, menopausal status, tumor size, TNN staging, axillary node status, nature of treatment. We have examined the pronostic(More)
Analgesic effect of aspirin 500 mg IM or IV and tiapride 300 mg IM or IV was compared in a double blind controlled study. Twenty-four patients with active cancer were each given both drugs successively, over 48 hours. No difference was demonstrated in analgesic effects of tiapride (14/24: 58%) and aspirin (11/24: 46%), or in toxicity which was minor for(More)