E. Politi

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Addicted patients show impaired social functioning. Chronic drug consumption may lead to impairments in decoding empathic cues. The aim of the study is to explore empathy abilities in addicted patients and the hypothesis of a differential impairment between affective and cognitive empathy. 62 addicted patients and 40 healthy volunteers were evaluated using(More)
Therapy decision is one of the most important tasks clinicians have to perform in their clinical practice. The decision process requires taking into account many different factors. The Authors have proposed a neural computing approach for supporting clinical decision analysis. The mathematical model of artificial neural network (ANN) has been applied on a(More)
  • Ernestina Politi, Giampiero Md, Bottero, Eugenia Md, Fauci, Valentina Md +2 others
  • 2014
Introduction Recent studies support the association between addiction and the progressive alteration of cortical excitability, particularly focussing on the effect of chronic assumption of substance of abuse over the prefrontal cortex through the use of both cerebral stimulation and electroencephalo-graphic techniques [1] In particular, compulsive drug use(More)
Controlled trials in clinical psychopharmacology may fail to provide reliable information about the benefit of treatment for the patient when considered in a real-life setting rather than as a part of a well-defined sampling procedure. Previously, we applied the mathematical model of an artificial neural network (ANN) to a pool of clinical information(More)
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