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Many methods for using diatoms for routine monitoring of water quality have been developed in Europe and, in some countries, these are being used to enforce environmental legislation. In order to facilitate their wider use, particularly with respect to European Union legislation, steps are being taken to harmonize methodology. In this paper, the principles(More)
Investigations on the Testacean Nekrocoenoses and Taxocoenoses in the Zirbenwaldmoor (Obergurgl, Tyrol/Austria). The present paper deals with Testacean distribution in a peat profile (0–300 cm) and in recent samples from a subalpine bog near the timberline. The succession of the Testacean nekrocoenoses was studied as well as the taxocoenoses. This study(More)
Taxoziinosen der Testacea (Protozoa) im Zirbenwaldmoor (Obergurgl, Tirol/Austria C. Balasundaram & T. J. Pandian: In vitro culture of Macrobrachium eggs A. Chadha & D. C. Pandey: Observations on a new species of Symphyonemopsis Tiwari & Mitra, viz. S. Panti n. sp. (Cyanophyta, Stigonematales) Shirley A. Crawford: Successional events following simazine(More)
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