E . Perelli Cippo

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The spectral broadening of characteristic γ-ray emission peaks from the reaction (12)C((3)He,pγ)(14)N was measured in D((3)He) plasmas of the JET tokamak with ion cyclotron resonance heating tuned to the fundamental harmonic of (3)He. Intensities and detailed spectral shapes of γ-ray emission peaks were successfully reproduced using a physics model(More)
High-resolution γ -ray measurements were carried out on the Joint European Torus (JET) in an experiment aimed at accelerating 4He ions in the MeV range by coupling third harmonic radio frequency heating to an injected 4He beam. For the first time, Doppler broadening of γ -ray peaks from the 12C(d, pγ )13C and 9Be(α, nγ )12C reactions was observed and(More)
A neutron diagnostic for high current deuterium beams is proposed for installation on the spectral shear interferometry for direct electric field reconstruction (SPIDER, Source for Production of Ion of Deuterium Extracted from RF plasma) test beam facility. The proposed detection system is called Close-contact Neutron Emission Surface Mapping (CNESM). The(More)
In this work, we describe the solution developed by the gamma ray camera upgrade enhancement project to improve the spectroscopic properties of the existing JET γ-ray camera. Aim of the project is to enable gamma-ray spectroscopy in JET deuterium-tritium plasmas. A dedicated pilot spectrometer based on a LaBr3 crystal coupled to a silicon photo-multiplier(More)
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