E. Patrick Shironoshita

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ASMOV (Automated Semantic Matching of Ontologies with Verification) is a novel algorithm that uses lexical and structural characteristics of two ontologies to iteratively calculate a similarity measure between them, derives an alignment, and then verifies it to ensure that it does not contain semantic inconsistencies. In this paper, we describe the ASMOV(More)
An effective, accurate algorithm for cardinality estimation of queries on ontology models of data is presented. The algorithm relies on the decomposition of queries into query pattern paths, where each path produces a set of values for each variable within the result form of the query. In order to estimate the total number of result set parameters for each(More)
The SPARQL LeftJoin abstract operator is not distributive over Union; this limits the algebraic manipulation of graph patterns, which in turn restricts the ability to create query plans for distributed processing or query optimization. In this paper, we present semQA, an algebraic extension for the SPARQL query language for RDF, which overcomes this issue(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop mechanisms to formulate queries over the semantic representation of cancer-related data services available through the cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG). DESIGN The semCDI query formulation uses a view of caBIG semantic concepts, metadata, and data as an ontology, and defines a methodology to specify queries using the SPARQL(More)
A computational grid infrastructure for biomedical research, called caGrid, is under development by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) as part of the cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG) Initiative. In this paper we present a model that enables users to query an integrated view of caBIG data services at a conceptual semantic level. The model is based(More)
Extracting logically-independent fragments out of an ontology ABox can be useful for solving the tractability problem of querying ontologies with large ABoxes. In this paper, we propose a formal definition of an ABox module, such that it guarantees complete preservation of facts of a given set of individuals, and thus can be reasoned independently w.r.t.(More)