E. Pascali

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62 consecutive patients with newly diagnosed malignant non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) were investigated for the presence, type, and amount of serum and urine monoclonal immunoglobulin abnormalities. The overall incidence of monoclonal gammopathy (MG) was 81%. M components of the IgM and IgG classes were found in the serum of 52% of the patients. Their(More)
The clinical significance of Bence Jones (BJ) proteinuria at low concentration (less than 0.2 g/24 hours) was investigated in 33 unselected patients who had no intact monoclonal immunoglobulin in their serum. The great majority (79%) of the patients were recognized as having malignant lymphoproliferative diseases, such as chronic lymphocytic leukemia (46%),(More)
In this note we establish some results of local existence and uniqueness for the equations u(x, t) = u 0 (x) + t 0 u τ 0 u(x, s)ds, τ dτ, t ≥ 0, x ∈ R, u(x, t) = u 0 (x) + t 0 u 1 τ τ 0 u(x, s)ds, τ dτ, t ≥ 0, x ∈ R and u(x, t) = u 0 (x) + t 0 u τ 0 1 2δ(s) x+δ(s) x−δ(s) and        ∂ ∂t u(x, t) = u t 0 1 2δ(s) x+δ(s) x−δ(s) where u 0 e δ are given(More)
Sixty-six consecutive patients exhibiting isolated urinary excretion of monoclonal free light chains, i.e. Bence Jones protein (BJP), on screening investigation for serum and urine monoclonal immunoglobulins were studied in order to better define the spectrum of immunoproliferative disorders associated with such a protein abnormality. The typical plasma(More)
We give a result of local existence and uniqueness for equations of the type ∂ 2 ∂t 2 u(x, t) = k1u ∂ 2 ∂t 2 u(x, t) + k2u(x, t), t where k1 and k2 are given real numbers or real functions ki = ki(x, t). In previous notes we have started the study of a new type of differential equations that we have called self-referred and hereditary (see [4], [5]). The(More)
A case of nodular lymphocytic (centroblastic/centrocytic) lymphoma that developed within 5 months after the initial diagnosis of lymphoplasmocytic lymphoma is described. The change in the histopathological picture, consisting of the development of a functionally more differentiated B cell neoplasm, occurred in the abdominal lymph nodes while the original(More)