E. Parisi

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Cochlear implant users with some residual hearing in the non-implanted ear compared the pitch sensations produced by acoustic pure tones and pulsatile electric stimuli. Pitch comparisons were obtained for pure tones and electrical stimuli presented at different positions (electrodes) in the scala tympani, keeping the electric pulse rate fixed at 100, 250,(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim was to measure the loudness of monaural and binaural stimuli in a group of cochlear implant users who had residual hearing in the nonimplanted ear, and to consider the implications of these measures for a binaural fitting consisting of a hearing aid and an implant in opposite ears. Three independent hypotheses were addressed: that the(More)
Because hemoglobins (Hbs) of all animal species have the same heme group, differences in their properties, including oxygen affinity, electrophoretic mobility, and pH sensitivity, must result from the interaction of the prosthetic group with specific amino acid residues in the primary structure. For this reason, fish globins have been the object of(More)
This paper deals with comparative study of voltage and angle stability analysis with and without STATCOM. This paper makes the assumption that under voltage is caused by a Single phase to ground fault. Single phase to ground fault is applied in IEEE 57 bus system for analysis the effected voltage dip area in IEEE 57 bus system. The effect of fault on(More)
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