E P Schoelzel

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Pancreatitis is seldom seen as a severe complication of renal transplantation. In a review on 1321 renal transplants, 23 cases with 12 deaths are reported (Johnson and Nabseth, 1970). Single case reports may be added. In our departments pancreatitis has proved to be a fairly frequent complication. It developed in 10 (7 percent) of 147 patients with renal(More)
Based on a retrospective analysis of 38 patients with mesenteric ischemia treated from 1981-1987, the current diagnostic and therapeutic concepts are presented. Embolic or thrombotic occlusions of the superior mesenteric artery prevailed (34 patients); venous thrombosis (4 patients) and non-occlusive disease (2 patients) occurred less frequent. Old age(More)
Follow-up of 249 recipients of cadaver renal allografts revealed 14 cases of pancreatitis. The minimum follow-up time was 2 1/2 years and the maximum 12 1/2 years. In 9 patients acute pancreatitis occurred within 4 months, 5 died from hemorrhagic-necrotizing disease. Later, 2 lethal cases of abscess-forming pancreatitis, 1 benign acute and 2 chronic forms(More)
The anterior surfaces of fresh and worn artificial glass and plastic eyes are examined under the scanning electron microscope. The surface properties and changes of the ocular prosthesis are discussed in relation to the possible damages, inflicted upon the conjunctival sack. The findings support the general advice to change the artificial eye at least every(More)
In 122 patients with severe chronic pancreatitis and inflammatory enlargement of the head of the pancreas a duodenum-preserving resection of the pancreatic head was performed. Postoperative hospitalization was 16 days in median, the frequency of re-operation was 4.9%. In the early postoperative phase one patient died and hospital mortality amounted to 0.8%.(More)
Between 1982 and 1987 186 patients with a carcinoma of the pancreas underwent surgery. In 69 patients (37%) a resective surgical procedure was performed. In these patients, lymph node staging was conducted intraoperatively. The operative mortality of the resection was 4.3%. The median survival of the resected patients with papillary carcinoma was 21 months(More)
Blood-foreign material interaction in the pump oxygenator was studied by means of scanning electron microscopy in 3 patients undergoing heart valve replacement (HVR) and 3 patients undergoing coronary bypass operation (CBO). While polyvinyl tubes show an average deposit of 60 thrombi/mm2 with 20--40 microns in size in CBO, bloodgas interface during HVR(More)
From 1972 to 1979 151 carcinomas of the rectum were treated by cryotherapy. Radical tumor destruction was observed in 15 cases. The other cases showed good palliation after multiple cryotherapy. Local effect of cryotherapy has been studied in 48 biopsien by SEM. Local tumor destruction was followed by tissue inflammation and nonspecific phagocytosis of(More)