E. P. Poddubnaya

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The work was aimed at the search for approaches to solving the problem of biophysically reasonable selection of the parameters of electrical stimulation of smooth muscle cells (SMCs) of the urinary bladder detrusor (UBD). Such stimulation is widely used in the rehabilitation of patients with surgical correction of congenital malformations accompanied by(More)
In a computer model of an urinary bladder detrusor (UBD) smooth muscle cell (SMC), we investigated coupled changes in the membrane potential (MP), partial transmembrane currents, and intracellular calcium concentration ([Ca2 +]i), caused by parasympathetic stimulation. The respective data should help to determine the biophysical basis for the choice of(More)
Synchronous burst discharges of action potentials (APs) of neurons are typical manifestations of cerebral epileptiform activity; such discharges are reflected in EEG as burst-suppression episodes. For elimination of drug-resistant epileptogenic foci, therapeutic hypothermia (controlled decrease in the body temperature) is increasingly used; at the same(More)
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