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On the non-ionic sorbent Amberlite XAD-2 the sulphonated derivative of an aromatic complexing agent-Pyrocatechol Violet-was immobilized, and this chelate-forming resin was used for the preconcentration of Pb(II) and In(III) and for the separation of some metal ions. The PV-XAD-2 resin was adopted for the preconcentration of Pb(II) in tap-water. Very high(More)
Chemical modification of nonionic sorbent Amberlite XAD-2 or anion exchanger Amberlyst A-26 with Eriochrome Blue-Black R (EBBR) produces a chelating resin of satisfactory chemical stability and resistance towards mineral acids. Retention of 10 metal ions has been examined for both resins. EBBR loaded XAD-2 was utilized for nickel(II) preconcentration in(More)
The possibility of using a sulphonated aromatic organic complexing agent-Xylenol Orange-for separation of metal ions on the macroreticular anion-exchanger Amberlyst A-26 has been investigated. The dependence of retention on pH was determined by the batch method for Al(3+), Cr(3+), Mn(3+), Fe(3+), Co(2+), Ni(2+), Cu(2+), Zn(2+), Ga(3+), Rh(3+) Cd(2+),(More)
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