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A total of 149 patients in 7 centers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden entered a 6-week double-blind trial intended to assess the antidepressant effect and safety of citalopram vs placebo in depressed elderly patients (65 years of age or older) who might also suffer from somatic disorders and/or senile dementia. Results of ratings on the Hamilton Rating Scale(More)
Five psychiatric hospitals in Norway took part in this double blind clinical trial, in which noxiptilin (Agedal) was compared with amitriptyline in hospitalized patients with primary depressive illness. According to total randomization, each patient received either noxiptilin or amitriptyline in semiflexible dosage, usually to a maximum dialy dose of(More)
  • E Ofsti
  • Progress in neuro-psychopharmacology & biological…
  • 1982
1. Twenty-nine inpatients with a long history of rather severe, affective psychosis were admitted for a 4 weeks treatment with citalopram, a very specific 5-Ht-reuptake inhibitor. 2. Twenty-six patients (15 men and 11 women) completed the study and among these 15 had been depressed for more than 10 years and 19 showed an entry total score of more than 25(More)
In a controlled, clinical, multicentre trial comprising a total of 43 patients (17 men and 26 women) citalopram was compared double-blindly with amitriptyline. Nineteen patients of each group were classified as endogeneously depressed, whereas four patients of the citalopram group and one of the amitriptyline group were classified as non-endogenously(More)
A multi-centre general practice study was carried out to compare flupenthixol and a sustained-release preparation of amitriptyline in the primary care treatment of depression in the elderly. Fifty-one clinically depressed patients, aged 65 years or over, were allocated at random to one of the two treatment groups in this 4-week double-blind, double-dummy(More)
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