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The authors analyze the results of clinical and immunological examinations of patients with peripheral vitreo-chorioretinal dystrophies (PVCRD) and macular ruptures of the retina. No antibodies to S-AG were detected in the lacrimal fluid in 87.5% of patients with PVCRD without retinal defects. In patients with PVCRD with retinal defects antibodies to S-AG(More)
Parameters of lipid peroxidation (LP) and antioxidant activity (AOA) of tear and blood plasma were examined in 22 healthy subjects (44 eyes) as well as in 33 patients with peripheral vitreochoreoretinal dystrophies (PVCRD--60 eyes), in 32 patients with non-operated dystrophic retinal detachment (DRD--34 eyes) and in 135 patients with operated retinal(More)
Treatment of retinal detachment with the use of distended balloons (extrascleral ballooning) holds good promise due to ease of operation and low traumatism. Unfortunately it may be used only in cases with fresh not high detachments of the retina with solitary or multiple ruptures up to 1-2 optic disk diameters in length. That is why the authors suggest two(More)
Complexes of endogenous immunopeptides produced by autologous peripheral blood lymphocytes were injected to the vitreous body of 17 chinchilla rabbits (34 eyes). The agents injected were autosupernatant. L fraction containing molecular substances with mol. weight of 40,000 to 60,000 D, and M fraction containing substances with mol. weight of 15,000 to(More)
Hypotonia and ex vacuo hemorrhages are the most grave complications of vitreoretinal surgery; the known methods of their prevention are altogether inadequate. The authors have developed extra-scleral ballooning (ESB) methods that improve the efficacy of surgery and reduce the rate and severity of complications in subretinal fluid draining during surgery for(More)
The problem of retinal detachment prevention is closely connected with a competent diagnosis of peripheral vitreochorioretinal dystrophies (PVCRD). The present research was aimed at analysis of PVCRD incidence in myopia of various degree and of the incidence of pathologic shifts requiring prophylactic laser coagulation or cryopexy. A total of 1022 patients(More)
Retinal detachments were for the first time treated using inflatable balloons in 1979 by Lincoff et al. A characteristic feature of this method is simplicity and low traumatism. Up to the present time it was used in the treatment of retinal detachments with single breaks or groups of breaks altogether not surpassing equatorially one o'clock on the fundus.(More)
The technique of extrascleral ballooning used in surgery for detachment of the retina is widely used in clinical practice. H. Lincoff and I. Kreissig's balloon catheter, widely used abroad since 1979, is described, and reasons why it cannot be used in this country are stated. The authors suggest their own modification of distensible balloon catheter for(More)