E. O. Pearson

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BACKGROUND Recruitment to trials in primary care is often difficult, particularly when practice staff need to identify study participants with acute conditions during consultations. The Scottish Acute Recruitment Management Application (SARMA) system is linked to general practice electronic medical record (EMR) systems and is designed to provide recruitment(More)
Interventional oncology is developing rapidly as a result of advances in imaging and medical devices. Although the treatments offered are recent and not yet fully validated in the guidelines, they allow non-invasive curative treatments to be offered to a growing number of patients. When it is used in a highly selected patients with less than three(More)
Leaf-curl disease is potentially the most serious disease of Egyptian cotton in the Sudan, and is only kept under control by the uprooting and burning of every plant in the 200,000 acres of cotton grown annually in the Gezira. Moreover, bamia (Hibisc~,s esculentus) suffers severely, so that control of the disease in cotton depends on an efficient dead(More)