E O Jørgensen

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In 231 patients resuscitated from circulatory arrest of cardiovascular or pulmonary aetiology brain recovery was evaluated by serial neurological and EEG examinations for up to 1 year. One-hundred and sixteen patients never regained consciousness; 115 patients awakened within 30 days, and 40 eventually recovered completely within 90 days. Patients who had(More)
In Denmark, the use of clozapine has increased markedly (15-25% per year) since 1983, when the drug was relaunched--after its withdrawal in 1975. Several factors have contributed to this development: 1) the interesting pharmacology of clozapine, especially the atypical influence on dopamine transmission, including a relatively high D-1/D-2 receptor affinity(More)
Of 125 patients who had no detectable cortical activity (DCA) in the electroencephalograph (EEG) immediately upon resuscitation from circulatory arrest of primary cardiovascular aetiology, 37 subsequently regained consciousness; these patients had their EEG and neurological status serially investigated until they expired or had survived one year. The(More)
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