E. O. Hernandez

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The presence of actin has been determined in mammalian spermatozoa. However, its function in these cells is still almost unknown. Only in boar spermatozoa has evidence for F-actin and a possible function for it been presented. In this work, actin distribution and F-actin were determined in uncapacitated, capacitated, and acrosomal-reacted guinea pig(More)
High currents leaked to earth, leads to an electric field, which can be capable of breaking down the dielectric strength of the soil. When this happens, the ionization phenomena takes place, which reduce the grounding system impedance and modify its performance. In this paper, a computational model for transient performance of grounding systems is(More)
Calmodulin has been suggested as the Ca(2+)-mediator in diverse cellular functions via its interaction with a number of proteins in a calcium-dependent manner. Its participation in the acrosome reaction has been suggested based on its localization in the acrosome region, on the effects produced by calmodulin antagonists, and by the changes in calmodulin(More)
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