E. O. Ayoola

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This paper is concerned with the error estimates involved in the solution of a discrete approximation of a quantum stochastic di erential inclusion (QSDI). Our main results rely on certain properties of the averaged modulus of continuity for multivalued sesquilinear forms associated with QSDI. We obtained results concerning the estimates of the Hausdor(More)
We establish an exponential formula for the reachable sets of quantum stochastic di erential inclusions (QSDI) which are locally Lipschitzian with convex values. Our main results partially rely on an auxilliary result concerning the density, in the topology of the locally convex space of solutions, of the set of trajectories whose matrix elements are(More)
Given any finite set of trajectories of a Lipschitzian quantum stochastic differential inclusion (QSDI), there exists a continuous selection from the complex-valued multifunction associated with the solution set of the inclusion, interpolating the matrix elements of the given trajectories. Furthermore, the difference of any two of such solutions is bounded(More)
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