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In recent years, requirements in terms of service-life of civil engineering structures have become more and more stringent, so that the focus of designers and owners is now set on structural durability. Foreseeing structural failures and repairing damaged structures at an early stage has become a major stake. This approach calls for an accurate knowledge of(More)
  • Robert Fitridge, Matthew Thompson, I Fitridge, Robert Ii Thompson, Paul Kerr, Raymond Tam +70 others
  • 2012
The University of Adelaide Press publishes peer-reviewed scholarly works by staff via Open Access online editions and print editions. The Barr Smith Press is an imprint of the University of Adelaide Press, reserved for scholarly works which are not available in Open Access, as well as titles of interest to the University and its associates. The Barr Smith(More)
  • Eldon Dyer, R C Buck, M H Heins, Fritz John, Alex Rosenberg, George Whaples +91 others
  • 2010
A ring primitive on the right but not on the left, 473, 1000. Berkson, A. J. The u-algebra of a restricted Lie algebra is Frobenius, 14. Bialynicki-Birula, A. On the inverse Problem of Galois theory of differential fields, 960. Bojanic, R. and Musielak, J. An inequality for functions with derivatives in an Orlicz Space, 902. Bouwsma, W. D. Zeros of(More)
Cavum veli interpositi is an open CSF space in the roof of the third ventricle that surrounds the internal cerebral veins, and is a forward extension of the quadrigeminal plate cistern. To the best of our knowledge, spontaneous resolution of a cavum veli interpositi has not been reported in the literature to date. Interestingly, case reports of spontaneous(More)
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