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To investigate the interaction of folate deficiency and alkylating agents in vivo, weanling Fischer 344 rats were maintained for 5 weeks on a folate replete, moderately folate deficient, or a severely folate deficient diet. Mutant frequencies at the HPRT locus in splenic lymphocytes were 1.2+/-0.6, 1.9+/-1.1, and 6.4+/-4.0 x 10(-6), respectively (P < 0.01).(More)
The effect of folate status on the efficacy and toxicity of chemotherapy was investigated in weanling Fischer 344 rats maintained on diets of varying folate content or supplemented with daily injections of folic acid, 50 mg/kg, for 6 to 7 weeks. MADB106 rat mammary tumor growth rate was the same in folate replete and supplemented rats, but retarded in the(More)
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