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Ectopic breast tissue usually develops along the mammary ridge. The incidence of this anomaly has been reported as high as 6%. Malignant development is rare. A case of carcinoma of aberrant breast tissue, located in the axilla is described. Mammographies of the ectopic breast performed few years before the diagnosis of carcinoma are presented and also those(More)
The incidence of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) has increased with the widespread use of screening mammography. DCIS is often suspected when clustered microcalcifications are evidenced on routinely performed mammography. High quality mammographies are required and should be completed with magnification views. Mammographic--pathologic correlations are(More)
CT scan is presently the method of choice in the pre-operative evaluation of patients with peritoneal carcinomatosis. The aim of this article is to present the results of a personal work concerning the comparison of CT scan and the surgical data in the diagnosis of peritoneal carcinomatosis and to compare them with data of the literature. Despite the(More)
Because of its high incidence and the high number of deaths induced, breast cancers in elderly women is a major health problem. The diagnosis is often clinical and the tumors are often at advanced stage with many initial metastases due to some neglect. Breast cancer in elderly women has no specific radiological form and is more often infiltrating ductal(More)
Non-palpable breast cancers are more and more frequent. Their surgical management requires the excision of the tumor and sentinel lymph node (SLN) needing a technical preoperative organization combining preoperative identification of the tumor by wire guide and injection of a radioactive tracer for the identification of SLN. The implementation of this(More)
Optical densisty (od) is an important factor for image quality in mammography. We studied the effect of o.d. on the image score with two phantoms (Contrast Detail MAMmography phantom (CDMAM), University Hospital Nijmegen, The Netherlands and breast-equivalent phantom (MTM 100) made by CIRS in the United States). We also evaluated the doses required to(More)
We report one case of mesenteric panniculitis. This rare and poorly-known disease is characterized by a non specific inflammatory process involving adipose tissue of the mesentery. The new imaging techniques (CT and MRI) may be helpful for the diagnosis of this disease and allow avoiding laparotomy. However histological proof remains necessary and can be(More)
Cat-scratch disease is usually a self-limiting illness but it can initially present as a tumor. A case of a lesion of the arm is described, with CT and MR findings. The radiologic appearance is not characteristic but the diagnosis can be suggested in a predisposing clinical setting.
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