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The immunomodulatory potency of a series of proline-containing thymopentin (TP-5) analogues was investigated by PFC (in vitro and in vivo) test and by GvH reaction. It was found that the substitution of Asp in position 3 of TP-5 by D-Pro yields a distinctly more active compound than that obtained by substitution of Asp3 by L-Pro. Pro5-TP-5 showed very(More)
C-Terminal dipeptide fragment of tuftsin, Pro-Arg, substituted by D-amino acids, and tuftsin analogs with n-hexyl- and n-heptylamine coupled to their C-termini were synthesized by a classical method in solution and their antinociceptive activity was measured by tail flick immersion test (0.4 microM/icv). D-Pro-D-Arg and D-Pro-L-Arg showed an analgesic(More)
We investigated the influence of tuftsin partial sequences (Thr-Lys, Lys-Pro, Lys-Pro-Arg and Pro-Arg) on histamine concentration in selected tissues (lungs, kidneys, liver, duodenal wall and arterial blood) of guinea-pigs and rats. The peptides were administered in 1 mg/kg dose intravenously (single dose) or intraperitoneally (single dose or three doses at(More)
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