E. N. Slavnova

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Cell metabolic reprogramming is one of the cancer hallmarks. Glycolysis activation, along with suppression of oxidative phosphorylation and, to a lower extent, the TCA cycle, occurs in the majority of malignant tumors. A bioinformatics search for the glucose metabolism genes that are differentially expressed in colorectal cancer (CC) was performed using the(More)
The paper presents an algorithm for quantification the degree of receptor expression to steroid hormones by automatic analysis of microscope images of immunocytochemical specimens. During experiments a high correlation between the results of the automatic analysis and visual expert assessment was shown and the possibility to apply the proposed algorithm to(More)
Drug resistance and especially cross-resistance are the most important problems of therapy of prostate cancer. Drug resistance mechanisms, including ligand-dependent (requiring the presence of androgens in the cell) and independent (not requiring androgens) ones, are reviewed. The mechanisms are mainly based on mutations of the androgen receptor (AR) gene,(More)
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