E. N. Onwuka

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This paper presents energy optimization mechanism for mobile terminals (MTs) using vertical handoff between Wireless LAN (WLAN) and CDMA2000 networks. Several techniques for optimizing the power consumption of MTs have been considered in literature. Some of these techniques could be used separately or in tandem. Considering the importance of efficient(More)
This paper presents a study on the benefits of multi-level hierarchy for scalable mobility management in the wireless mobile IP context. Micro mobility management is considered. The analysis took advantage of the locality in movement and call activities of mobile users. It was discovered that whether multi-level hierarchy is beneficial or not depends on the(More)
The poor state of most asphalt roads in Nigeria has significantly increased the number of road accidents, leading to loss of lives and properties. These road defects can be observed in the form of pavement cracks, rutting, road bumps and potholes. Prior detection of these defects, particularly potholes, which is more prevalent in Nigeria and effective(More)
This article produces a review of call admission control and resources allocation schemes for cellular networks users and the findings in this area. Our goal is to provide survey of reviewed researches of a broad classification and detailed discussion of the existing call admission control schemes and allocation of bandwidths allocations that reduce the(More)
Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) is a promising IP mobility protocols that is being deployed in emerging wireless technologies. This however has a non-optimal packet route as a result of the triangular routing problem. This creates a bottle neck at the Local Mobility Anchor (LMA) thereby increasing packet delays. This paper presents the implementation of a(More)
In this paper, a newly proposed Real Valued Neural Network (RVNN) based Energy Detector (ED) is presented for Cognitive Radio (CR) application. With little available on the performance of EDs in varying spectrum occupancy conditions, we provide a study to understand how occupancy variation affects the performance of a newly proposed RVNN based ED and other(More)
The world over the decades has made considerable advancement in automation; automation is employed in homes, industries, commercial and educational sectors. In this work, a microcontroller-based automatic school bell is designed. This circuit uses a programmed microcontroller chip to schedule the school teaching and break periods so that for every start or(More)
RF Radiation measurement and analysis have been carried out at different locations across the globe to determine the levels and the impact of RF emissions in the environment. In this paper, various RF Radiation measurement and analysis techniques are discussed. Particular emphasis is on the measurement technique, sources of the RF Radiation and method of(More)