E. N. Mineeva

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Investigations performed by the authors show that normalization of the mechanisms of vegetative regulation of arterial pressure and cerebral vessels tonicity in young patients with sympathico-tonic vegetative dystonia can be achieved by combined use of constant magnetic field (magnetic induction 60 mTl, penetration 10 mm, area 1.5 cm2) and monochromatic(More)
The effects of estradiol, estrone and estriol on lipid composition of plasma membranes of the ovariectomized rat uterus cells were studied. It was found that estrogens (10 micrograms/100 g weight) and estrone (25 micrograms/100 g) fail to produce statistically significant changes in lipid contents in plasma membranes. Estradiol and estriol (25(More)
study lead to the following conclusion. First, a high proportion of cerebral cortical neurons (about 70%) is sensitive to nootropic drugs, and this may lie at the basis of the mechanism of their action on the higher integrative functions of the brain. Second, among cerebral cortical neurons there is a small cell population on which antagonistic relations(More)
5. A. K. Pikaev, Dosimetry in Radiation Chemistry [in Russian], Moscow (1975~. 6. A. K. Pikaev, Modern Radiation Chemistry: Radiolysis of Liquids and Gases [in Russian], Moscow 91986). 7. S. E. Severin, A. A. Boldyrev, and A. M. Dupin, Vopr. >led. Khimii, 30, 32 (1984). 8. B. H. J. Bielskii, Photochem. Photobiol., 28, 645 (1978). 9. A. A. Boldyrev, A. M.(More)
Estradiol receptors of plasma membranes (PM), PM lipids, the activity of membrane-bound enzymes and plasma levels of hormones have been tested in patients of postmenopausal ages with various endometrial diseases (glandular fibrous and glandular cystic polyps, highly, moderately and poorly differentiated adenocarcinomas). Test findings were similar in(More)
The study was concerned with evaluation of the parameters of specific binding of 17-beta-estradiol to myometrial plasma membrane in tumor growth versus lipid profile of the membrane and A2 and C phospholipase activity. Tumor growth was shown to involve an increase in the association constant of plasma membrane, changes in the lipid profile and activity of(More)
The specific binding of an antiestrogen tamoxifen to receptors of estradiol of target cells plasmic membranes of the human endometrium was studied in some hyperplastic processes. The relative binding activity of tamoxifen was determined. Tamoxifen was found to compete with estradiol for binding to plasmic membranes of the endometrial cells.
A specific [3H] GABA and [14C] flunitrazepam binding sites have been identified in a membrane fraction of human myometrium. The specific binding of [14C] GABA was displaced by unlabelled GABA and bicuculline. It was shown that the binding of [3H] flunitrazepam to membrane preparations is enhanced in the presence of GABA. A similar reciprocal effect of(More)