E.N. Gimenez

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We have built a PET camera for small animals based on continuous block LSO crystals coupled to a PS-PMT flat panel. When working with continuous crystals, surface treatment is an important factor that strongly determines the main characteristics of the detector module. As a part of the work done for the development of our small animals PET camera, we have(More)
We have studied a new and inexpensive method of measuring the depth of interaction (DOI) in /spl gamma/-ray detectors with large-sized scintillation crystals. This method takes advantage of the strong correlation between the width of the undisturbed light-distribution in continuous crystals and the /spl gamma/-ray's DOI. In order to quantify the dependence(More)
This study focuses on Monte-Carlo (MC) based techniques to calculate the system matrix (SM) for iterative image reconstruction of small animal PET data. Our goal is to determine in advance if some simplifications can be done to accelerate the MC simulation without jeopardizing the accuracy of the system model. For most PET scanners, the calculation of the(More)
A design for an inexpensive depth of interaction (DOI) detector for gamma rays, suitable for nuclear medical applications, especially positron emission tomography (PET), has been developed, studied by simulations and tested experimentally. The detector consists of a continuous LSO-scintillator of dimensions 42/spl times/42/spl times/10 mm/sup 3/ and a new(More)
Digital trigger algorithms performed over large sequences of data can be an efficient way to shift processing time from baseline samples or singles to coincident photo multiplier tube pulses. This paper describes a coincidence processing system intended to implement fully digital trigger and pre-processing algorithms for a positron emission tomography(More)
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