E. N. Afanasova

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Changes in the composition of microbial complexes and their biochemical activity in soil in the vicinity of a strong source of HF emission have been studied. A sharp decrease of the biomass, the number of asporous bacteria and actinomycetes, and a smaller decrease of the number of microscopic fungi has been revealed, along with a decrease in the enzymatic(More)
It is shown that the diagnostics of the stage of woodland soils affected by wildfires and forest cuts can be determined by the evaluation indexes of the range of the scale of abundance of typical ecologic-and-trophic groups of microorganisms (ECTGM), microbiological activity coefficients, reserve and abundance fluctuations, and metabolism. The degree of(More)
Microbial communities of alluvial soils in the facies on islands in the Selenga estuary and near Stepnoi Dvorets and Istomino Settlements were studied. The distribution of the CFU-dominant microorganisms (Bacillus and Pseudomonas + Arthrobacter) has been revealed in the studied island soils. In addition, actinomycetes Streptomyces were found among the(More)
The occurrence of ophiostomatoid fungi, associates of xylophagous insects, was established to be an indicator of the state of coniferous plantations under different anthropogenic influences and adverse ecological conditions at the coenotic level. The sizes of necroses developed on a tree inoculated with blue-stain fungus isolates were recorded to be(More)
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