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Tactics aimed at reducing perinatal transmission of HIV are proving ineffective at accomplishing complete eradication: a group of women with HIV remain at very high risk for transmitting the virus to their newborns. This study engaged a uniquely high-risk group of HIV-infected mothers as expert informants on childbearing with HIV to inform strategies to(More)
Concentrations of progesterone, estrogen, and prolactin in plasma were compared among lactations induced in 29 cows by daily subcutaneous injections of .25 mg progesterone and .1 mg estradiol-17beta per kg body weight for 7 days. Superior, median, and inferior lactations were identified by ranking both weightage adjusted maximum milk yields in 7 consecutive(More)
Quantities of immunoreactive estrone and estradiol in blood plasma, urine, and milk were measured during the estrous cycle and pregnancy of cows. The objectives were to develop a radioimmunoassay procedure for quantifying estrogen in milk and urine and to compare changes in milk estrogen with those in blood plasma and urine. Concentrations of estrone and(More)
Studies were conducted to determine the absorption and metabolic fate of orally administered 3H-estradiol-17 beta-glucuronide (3H-E2-G) in swine. Xylazine-tranquilized female pigs (5 to 6 wk old) were given .04, .4 or 4 mumol 3H-E2-G via stomach tube, and blood samples were collected from previously implanted jugular cannulas for 12 or 72 h. The entire(More)