E. Michelle Capes

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Scorpion venoms are rich in ion channel-modifying peptides, which have proven to be invaluable probes of ion channel structure-function relationship. We previously isolated imperatoxin A (IpTxa), a 3.7 kDa peptide activator of Ca(2+)-release channels/ryanodine receptors (RyRs) [1,2,3] and founding member of the calcin family of scorpion peptides. IpTxa(More)
Excitation-contraction coupling involves the faithful conversion of electrical stimuli to mechanical shortening in striated muscle cells, enabled by the ubiquitous second messenger, calcium. Crucial to this process are ryanodine receptors (RyRs), the sentinels of massive intracellular calcium stores contained within the sarcoplasmic reticulum. In response(More)
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