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In the literature, various types of parallel methods for integrating nonsti initial-value problems for rst-order ordinary di erential equation have been proposed. The greater part of them are based on an implicit multistage method in which the implicit relations are solved by the predictor–corrector (or xed point iteration) method. In the(More)
The Department of Homeland Security is sponsoring development of standards for urban search and rescue (USAR) robots. This program is being coordinated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and will result in consensus standards developed through ASTM International. Robot deployment categories and performance requirements have been(More)
We consider implicit integration methods for the solution of stiff initial value problems for second-order differential equations of the special form y'' = f(y). In implicit methods, we are faced with the problem of solving systems of implicit relations. This paper focuses on the construction and analysis of iterative solution methods which are effective in(More)
We are concerned with land allocation and investment decisions when dealing with partially degraded areas that might be (1) remediated and returned to a more natural state or (2) irreversibly developed. This type of problem seems particularly relevant in Europe where the issue of wilderness conservation is of less concern than the remediation of landscapes(More)
Testing of performance pertains to evaluation of the potential and actual capabilities of a system to satisfy the expectations of the designer and the users via exploration of its functioning. This includes determining how well the system performs its declared " job, " how efficiently and effectively it does so, how robust it is, and so forth. The "job" and(More)
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