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Granular gravity driven flows of glass beads have been observed in a silo with a flat bottom. A dc high electric field has been applied perpendicularly to the silo to tune the cohesion. The outlet mass flow has been measured. An image subtraction technique has been applied to visualize the flow geometry and a spatiotemporal analysis of the flow dynamics has(More)
We present an experimental model system to study two-dimensional phase transitions. This system is composed of a monolayer of millimetric beads interacting through shor range magnetic dipole-dipole interactions. As the system is athermal, a mechanical agitation is used to produce an erratic motion of the beads. The two-dimensional melting scenario predicted(More)
We have experimentally investigated the interactions between floating magnetic spheres which are submitted to a vertical magnetic field, ensuring a tunable repulsion, while capillary forces induce attraction. We emphasize the complex arrangements of floating bodies. The equilibrium distance between particles exhibits hysteresis when the applied magnetic(More)
When a spherical conducting bead is placed in an electrode, it experiences an electric force. In a plane capacitor, it can undergo a periodic bouncing between the electrodes. Using a fast video camera, we measured the acceleration of the bead and the period of its motion as a function of the applied voltage. A mathematical model based on the hypothesis of(More)