E. Meisinger

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58 outpatients with a serum creatinine between 6-10 mg/dl received a low protein diet (LPD) with 30 g protein/day, supplemented with essential amino acids (EAA) or their keto analogues (KA). Group A (n = 19) was given an EAA/KA supplement according to the pattern proposed by Rose and group B (n = 39) received a preparation with an increased amount of KAs of(More)
In this matched, controlled study, two different types of EAA/KA supplements were compared in uremic patients fed a 30 g protein restricted diet. The patients were paired for age, sex, and underlying renal disease. The supplement with the higher BCKA content resulted in an improvement of renal function, bone metabolism, and a normalization of plasma BCAA(More)